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The softkey labels are be shown in the telephone display. The Softkey Soft Keys labels and functions change depending on the telephone model and, the operation being performed. Use the same feature code to cancel the background music. 0 Check what feature is programmed on any button. Dialing filters determine which numbers you can dial. The COS password is provided by your System Administrator to change your Class of Service. Conference FEATURE 3 Establish a three-party conference call.

Make or answer the first call. Put the first call on hold. Note: This feature is not available for multi-party conference calls. To re-establish the conference: Press FEATURE 3. Press the line or intercom button for the caller you want to disconnect.

82 Use the following steps to choose one of three modes of dialing listed: 1. Press HOLD to store the mode. Standard Dial: Select a line, then dial the number. Standard Dial is always available, even when another dialing mode is selected. Automatic Dial: Dial the number without choosing a line button first. HOLD Exclusive Temporarily suspend a call and prevent other telephones from picking it up.

73 Set your telephone to automatically put a call on Hold when you pick up a second call, or prevent your telephone from doing so. To access the conference call as the chairperson: 1. Choose one of the following options: Press 1 to enter the conference. Press 2 to set a passcode for participants. Press 3 to change the conference settings.