Versión impresa Muchas personas prefieren no leer el documento en la pantalla, sino en versión impresa. Puedes utilizarlos si quieres ver rápidamente el contenido que se encuentra en la siguientes páginas dewalt reciprocating saw user manual manual. See us in the World Wide Web at www.

Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Store idle tools out of reach of children and other untrained WARNING: Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grinding, persons. Tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users. Some can contact exposed battery terminals. For example, do not place tools with large battery packs will stand upright on the battery pack but battery in aprons, pockets, tool boxes, product kit boxes, drawers, etc. Do not place any object on top of charger or place the charg- Important Safety Instructions for Battery er on a soft surface that might block the ventilation slots and Chargers result in excessive internal heat. Place the charger in a position SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS: This manual contains important away from any heat source.

The charger is ventilated through slots safety and operating instructions. Mode is complete the charger will CAUTION: Never attempt to open the battery pack for any reason. If charging problems pack charges correctly, then the original pack is defective and should persist, take or send the tool, battery pack and charger to your be returned to a service center for recycling. If the new battery pack local service center.

Avoid body contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, Fan Cooling radiators, ranges and refrigerators. There is an increased risk This charger is equipped with an internal fan that provides rapid cool- of electric shock if your body is grounded. Don’t expose power tools to rain or wet conditions. Water and will turn on when required during battery charging. 2 A B C A Motor The shoe will adjust to limit the depth of cut. Hold the saw with the Your DEWALT tool is powered by a DEWALT-built motor.

Be sure your underside facing up. Push the button on the hand grip and slide the power supply agrees with the nameplate markings. The initial step in pocket cutting is to measure the surface area to be cut FIG. 9 and mark clearly with a pencil, chalk or scriber.

Insert pocket cutting blade in blade clamp and tighten blade clamp securely. Next, tip the saw backward until the back edge of the shoe is resting on the work surface. A complete listing of service centers is included with replacement. If you need assistance in locating any accessory, please contact: SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS DEWALT Industrial Tool Co. N’utilisez pas un outil électrique si vous êtes fatigué ou sous l’influence de drogues, d’alcool ou de Regles de sécurité générales pour tous médicaments.

N’utilisez pas un outil si son interrupteur est bloqué. Un outil ou le non-respect des instructions d’entretien peut créer un risque que vous ne pouvez pas commander par son interrupteur est dan- de choc électrique ou de blessures. Avis au médecin : le liquide excitateur est une solution AVERTISSEMENT : Cet outil peut produire et répandre de la pous- d’hydrogène de potassium à 25-35 p. Ne pas tenter d’ouvrir le boîtier de l’ensemble de piles. Bien lire toutes les directives et tous les avertissements qui se trou- protégés contre les courts-circuits.