Versión impresa Muchas personas prefieren no leer el documento en la pantalla, sino en versión impresa. Puedes utilizarlos si quieres ver rápidamente el contenido que se encuentra en la siguientes páginas del manual. 2 Hilti wsc 85 manual of the pictograms and other information Warning signs Rated speed Revolutions Diameter Saw blade under no load per minute 1 These numbers refer to the corresponding illustra- en tions. The illustrations can be found on the fold-out General Warning: Warning: warning electricity caustic cover pages.

Keep these pages open while studying substances the operating instructions. Do not use the power tool to cut tree branches or logs. Do not use the battery as a power source for other unspecified appliances. NOTE Depending on the version, these items may be supplied with the power tool. Typical A-weighted emission sound pressure level. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will devices can reduce dust-related hazards. Do not force the power tool.

Usepowertoolsonlywithspecificallydesignated that do not match the mounting hardware of the battery packs. Use of any other battery packs may saw will run eccentrically, causing loss of control. When battery pack is not in use, keep it away or bolt. Adjust the riving knife as described in this in- of cut and near the edge of the panel. Do not use dull or damaged blades.

Unsharpened and alignment can make the riving knife ineffective orimproperlysetbladesproducenarrowkerfcaus- in preventing kickback. Do not use batteries other than those approved 5. Use clamps or a vice ance. Use of other batteries or use of the battery to secure the workpiece. 3 Recharging Li-ion batteries Li-ion batteries are ready for use at any time, even 6. 2 Charging the battery when only partly charged.

Pull the battery out of the power tool. Wear protective gloves when changing blades. Adjust the riving knife as shown in the illustration. Position the guide rail with the zero mark at the base plate. Secure the workpiece so that it cannot move. Position the workpiece so that the saw blade is 2.

Use the two screw clamps to secure the guide free to move under the workpiece. Care and maintenance CAUTION In order to achieve maximum battery life, stop dis- Before beginning cleaning, remove the battery from charging the battery as soon as a significant drop in the power tool in order to prevent unintentional performance is noticed. NOTE If use of the power tool continues, further battery en 8. Troubleshooting Fault Possible cause Remedy The power tool The battery is discharged or fitted Thebattery needstobecharged or, doesn’t run.

Remove the battery from the power tool and contact Hilti. Fit the battery into the charger. Most of the materials from which Hilti tools or machines are manufactured can be recycled. The materials must be correctly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, Hilti has already made arrangements for taking back your old tools for recycling.