Versión impresa Muchas personas prefieren no leer el documento en la pantalla, sino en versión impresa. Puedes utilizarlos si quieres ver rápidamente el contenido indesit oven service manual se encuentra en la siguientes páginas del manual. Keep this instruction manual in a safe place for shifting during operation.

If it is placed on a fitted GB future reference. Should the appliance be sold, tran- or loose carpet, adjust the feet in such a way as sferred or moved, make sure the instruction manual to allow enough room for ventilation beneath the accompanies the washing machine to inform the washing machine. GB indicated on the Technical Data Plate fixed on Connect the drain the machine. If this is not the case, replace between 65 and 100 the socket or the plug. The power supply cable must only be repla- GB correspond with the coloured markings iden- ced by an authorised serviceman. Yellow wire to terminal when these norms are not respected. Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle.