WIDA Screener Online WIDA Screener Online is only available to Wida ams user guide Consortium members at this time. If you are a WIDA consortium member, please contact your SEA for policies regarding the administration of WIDA Screener in your state. The purpose of this assessment is to help educators make decisions and identify whether a student is a candidate for English language support services.

This page contains information specific to the WIDA Screener Online. For information about administering the paper version of the assessment, please refer to the About tab of the WIDA Screener Paper page. Standards to assess students’ academic English. Both contain multiple-choice questions organized in thematic folders. Both include one entry folder, which all students will see. Both automatically use how a student performs on the entry folder to determine whether the student receives less challenging or more challenging folders for the remainder of that test.

Both consist of performance tasks, in which students have the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking and writing ability. The recordings can be retrieved a short time after the test has been completed to be scored locally by a trained rater. During the Writing Test, students keyboard their responses and these responses are captured by the test platform. The written responses may be retrieved a short time after the test has been completed to be scored locally by a trained rater. This addresses concerns regarding the keyboarding skills of students at this age group.

The tasks a student sees for both Speaking and Writing are determined by the student’s performance on the Listening and Reading tests. It uses the same technology platform as ACCESS for ELLs 2. This includes generating test tickets pre-test and scoring the test post-administration. This will store student responses so they can be retrieved and scored later. Using the Results The WIDA Screener should be considered as only one element in the decision-making process of identifying a student as an ELL. This decision should ideally be supported by additional evidence, such as previous schooling in English or another language, recommendations from previous teachers, the child’s home language survey, or any of the recommended or required criteria as determined by each state or district.

WIDA provides detailed directions and training to support the administration and scoring of WIDA Screener Online. Wondering how to get trained for Screener Online? Download Let’s Get Going for WIDA Screener Online! This guide helps you navigate the training process, showing you where to start, what steps you need to take, and which helpful links are available. Accessing the Training Course The WIDA Screener Online training course is available through the WIDA secure portal.

Only educators with a WIDA account may be assigned the WIDA Screener Online training course. Log in to the WIDA website. Training heading, click on the WIDA Screener Online tile. If you have a WIDA account and you do not see the WIDA Screener Online tile, contact your District Testing Coordinator or SEA. Your account settings must include permission to see the training materials for WIDA Screener. If you do not have a WIDA account, follow your state procedures for creating a WIDA account. This page lists the materials needed to administer and score WIDA Screener Online and where they can be found.

Comprehensive resource that goes into detail on all material and administration information. The technology required to administer Screener Online is the same as that for ACCESS for ELLs 2. Finally, you will need Writing Test Booklets and sharpened pencils for students handwriting responses to the Writing test. The following Screener Training Module Videos can be found in WIDA AMS, or in the WIDA Screener Online Training Course. This page lists technology requirements required for administering WIDA Screener Online and where to find additional technology resources. These components can be downloaded from WIDA-AMS under General Information and then Technology Downloads and installed according to their respective supporting documentation.

For more information on INSIGHT and the TSM, please consult the Technology User Guide which is also available on WIDA-AMS under General Information, and then Training Materials. System Requirements The WIDA Screener Online may be administered via Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Chrome, iOS, or Android devices. Specific system requirements for the WIDA Screener Online mirror those of ACCESS for ELLs 2. If you are unfamiliar with these requirements, please refer to the ACCESS for ELLs 2.

0 technology webpage or the Technology User Guide. Help Desk Support DRC Customer Service is available to provide support regarding all technical questions. How is the WIDA Screener Online scored? For detailed information about how each domain is scored and where to record scores, please refer to the WIDA Screener Training Course.